Hi! I'm Aneesh Pappu.

I'm originally from Pullman, Washington and spent the past 4 years in the Bay Area, where I studied artificial intelligence and philosophy at Stanford University.
I'm currently a Marshall Scholar based at University College London, where I'm pursuing an MSc in Machine Learning.

My research interests are two-fold: within AI, I'm primarily interested in theoretical machine learning and have research experience in NLP and computational biology; within technology policy, I'm interested in issues of AI ethics in the nearterm, particularly concerning digital rights, privacy, misinformation/disinformation, and the ethical use of AI algorithms.

I also work part-time as an AI consultant for various startups and companies. If you'd like to chat, my contact information is below.

While at Stanford I spent my time on a few different things, including:

You can find me on Linkedin and Twitter, or email me at (first initial)(last name)(97)(at gmail dot com)