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Hey there! My name's Aneesh Pappu, and I'm a freshman at Stanford University originally from small town Pullman, Washington. I've always been interested in biomedical research, and I spent a lot of my time in high school researching therapeutics for CNS diseases and other interesting topics in pharmacology.

I recently began programming after building a smart recycling bin my senior year with one of my best friends. I decided to dive into CS this year so I can explore the intersection between CS and medicine, and I've discovered in the process that I really enjoy building things. I'm in the process of figuring out where I want to go from here, and in the meantime I've been recently gaining experience with web projects. I'm versed in Java, C++, and JavaScript, and I've built a project or two in Python. Check me out on GitHub if you're curious!

I'm also interested in diversity in tech and how CS can be incorporated into community development. A couple friends and I ran a hackathon in East Palo Alto (EPA) called StreetHacks as part of StreetCode Academy, a CS Education Initiative in EPA.

I love playing ping pong and listening to hip hop music and EDM, and I just got into dancing Raas, a traditional Indian dance style, here at Stanford. I value trying out new things, especially things I think I'm pretty bad at.

If you want to chat, shoot me an email or fill out the form at the bottom :)


2015-2019 (Planned)

B.S. Computer Science, Premed

Stanford University


Running Start High School Student

Washington State University


High School Diploma

Pullman High School

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